Platinum partner

Heetch is a French company that empowers people to explore their cities and meet their peers through a mobility app. We operate in France, Belgium, Morocco and we are expanding to other countries.

We strive to have an impact beyond connecting passengers to drivers. That applies to Go and the community around it too. We give back to the Go community because the Go community gives so much to us.

Go has helped us to transition from a monolith to a micro-services based architecture. In about a year, we had a platform that scaled much better, engineers had learned Go and had grown to be much more productive thanks to its simplicity and design choices.

Go benefits every aspect of our technology stack, from command line tools to aid development, to production servers and even within our mobile applications.

In the extremely competitive market that ridesharing is, Go is a powerful asset for us, and this is why we are here today. Whether it's by writing Open-Source code or sponsoring events, we are passionate about Go.

We are a fully remote engineering team and are looking for Gophers from all around Europe.