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Datadog is a SaaS-based monitoring and analytics platform for cloud-scale infrastructure, applications, logs, and more. Datadog delivers complete visibility into the performance of modern applications in one place through its fully unified platform. By reducing the number of tools needed to troubleshoot performance problems, Datadog reduces detection and resolution time. With vendor-backed integrations for 250+ technologies, a world-class enterprise customer base, and focus on ease of use, Datadog is the leading choice for infrastructure and software engineering teams looking to improve cross-team collaboration, accelerate development cycles, and reduce operational and development costs.

How do you keep a data-intensive, real-time service that monitors tens of thousands of servers, up and running around the clock? What should the infrastructure look like when Datadog monitors a million servers? If you think you have the answers, join our team. Datadog is hiring engineers in our Paris, Boston, and New York offices, as well as remotely around the globe.